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Mobile CCTV Towers In The UK

Birmingham based Cofton Security K9 Division provides the ultimate mobile security across the UK.

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Mobile CCTV

Whether you are looking to monitor fly-tipping, record evidence at a traveller encampment, protect your building or demolition site, or secure an airport or hospital, we have the solution. Our state-of-the-art mobile CCTV unit is highly visible and the perfect deterrent for unwanted or criminal behaviour.

It provides high quality video recording which can be used by the Police as evidence to prosecute the offenders. In addition, each vehicle has the capacity to carry a security officer and guard dog and can be deployed quickly for a fast response to any situation.

Our vehicle roof mounted mast systems are designed to get a clear unobstructed view from up-to 4.2 metres where the high performance cameras, LED lighting and communication equipment monitor and record.

We can also install wireless, self-powered security solutions where all system components operate on batteries, allowing for completely wireless video security which is ideal for remote and harsh environments. 

The Ideal Deterrent

Mobile CCTV units don't just provide the ideal deterrent, they also provide high quality video recordings that can be used as evidence in criminal proceedings. They are very quick to deploy in security instances.

In addition to mobile CCTV towers, we also utilise standalone cameras as required.

Protect your staff and visitors

With our mobile CCTV towers, you’ll  be able to provide appropriate security to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors and staff at events, and monitor your property for unwanted intrusion or behaviour whilst recording important evidence. We operate from Birmingham and serve all across the UK, just get in touch.

Mobile command centres

Our CCTV vehicles come complete with a mobile command centre with screens and high quality cameras. Images are recorded onto digital hard drives and can be instantly backed up remotely at our main monitoring station. They are manned by trained security operatives who are members of the British Security Industry Association.

Mobile CCTV Towers: Services

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Peace of mind

Our mobile CCTV towers provide peace of mind for companies and other organisations. We can tailor their use to your bespoke requirements, just contact the team at Cofton Security K9 Division in Birmingham today on: 

07773 515053 or 0121 453 9157

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